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Choosing the Right Company to Buy Your Scrap Aluminum

Scrap aluminum is the junk you can turn to gold. With professional scrap aluminum services in Millwood, West Virginia, you can make money and help the environment by recycling aluminum. But make sure you choose the right company! We’ve created this guide to help you get great services and competitive prices when you sell your scrap aluminum.


Make sure the scrap aluminum buyer you choose can offer you good prices. You need to know that you’ll be getting a good enough return to make it worth your while – especially if you’re hiring transport trucks or investing time into searching for scrap aluminum.


Not all third-party aluminum recycling facilities have the capability to process every type of scrap aluminum. Unless you want to walk away with half your haul unsold, it’s important to choose a company who can take care of the lot. Ideally, the company you choose should be able to buy and recycle:

  • Aluminum Dross
  • Chips, Swarf, and Turnings
  • Breakage
  • Scraps
  • Wet and Greasy Flashings
  • Car and Truck RimsCar Batteries from Trucks, Forklifts, and Cars


It’s neither safe nor convenient to have scrap aluminum piling up on a worksite or in your yard during renovations. The solution here is collection bins. Some companies will deliver the bin straight to you and then pick it up when your job is finished. This means you’ll have a safe, secure place to put scrap aluminum while you or your team is working.


If you know your job is going to be bigger, it’s good to be able to hire a truck directly from your scrap aluminum company. Because it’s with the same company, you’ll get better rates due to the combined business. The trucks will also be well fitted-out for the work at hand. Look for a company with a range of trucks on offer, such as flatbed trucks, and trucks with cranes for very heavy items.


Reputable scrap aluminum companies should offer you a way to get easy, reliable quotes. This will help you make the best decision regarding your scrap. If you are looking to sell and recycle scrap aluminum in the North East you can contact AL REC for a quote today.