Our services cover the complete spectrum of materials management, from planning, organization, and tracking to execution and monitoring of the complete flow of materials and products. From taking delivery of scrap metals from the supplier to producing the alloys in our facilities and overseeing final delivery to the client, we take care of the entire process. In other words, making sure the right goods are delivered in the right quantities, to the right place, and at the right time. And, of course, at the right cost.

Successfully overcoming these challenges requires close coordination of logistical processes between our facilities and those of our clients, many of whom not only take delivery of our products but also are suppliers of the scrap metal we process and remelt. Against this background, just-in-time delivery of liquid aluminum, for example, is very important to our business. This service, currently available from our Millwood plant, allows our clients to eliminate storage overheads entirely by cost-effectively disposing of scrap metals while simultaneously taking delivery of recycled alloys in return.