Aluminum recycling has a bright future in markets all around the globe. Recycled aluminum provides an affordable, environmentally friendly solution in a world where demand for resources continues to grow and there is increasing awareness among manufacturers and consumers about the importance of sustainability and environmental protection. The production of recycled aluminum requires much less energy.

A large variety of different materials can be produced. These include, for example, turnings, drosses, chips, breakage, and Swarf. They can be converted into different shapes and quality grades to meet the needs of various industry segments, from lightweight automotive engineering to the production of well-designed food packaging.

AL REC is highly experienced in classifying different scrap types, creating formulas for different specifications, remelting scrap using appropriate methods and equipment, and serving the industry with alloyed aluminum that meets its demands.


Key Industries That Benefit From Aluminum’s Properties

Automotive & Transport
Manufacturing & Engineering
Construction & Architecture
Packaging & Design