AL REC LLC is a family-owned limited liability Company solely owned by the Grimm Family.

The company’s main business is charging tolling fees to customers based on incoming raw material weight, and converting their materials such as dross and scrap into sows or ingots weighing between 1,500 and 2,000 pounds. This comprises approximately 90% of the Company’s business, with the other 10% being the purchase of aluminum scrap to produce aluminum sow or ingot for direct sale to their existing customers or for future sale based on the speculation of increased aluminum prices for various alloys.

Our Mission
Provide a level of outstanding performance and service to customers, which will exceed their expectations in regard to aluminum recovery, chemistry, processing and on-time delivery


The cost or tolling fees charged to their customers are based on the incoming weight as well as the type and recovery of each individual process material.  The plant has an impeccable reputation as being an honest, reliable processor with unmatched recovery percentage of aluminum for its customers. The most effective salesman for the company’s continued growth has been from word of mouth from existing customers.

The current operation is based on the production capabilities of two (2) 375 FT3 capacity, oxy-fuel tilting rotary furnaces to melt various types of aluminum scrap with varying alloys including: beverage cans, concentrates, dross, turnings, chips, irony scrap, extrusions, pot pads, scrap sows, etc… Various customer scrap and other elements are also blended, to create specialized specification alloys.

The company’s rotary furnaces are two (2) of the most efficient and largest in the industry with a state of the art operating system designed from years of operational experience.  The Companies operating techniques and controls are one of the most technically advanced operating system in operation today.

The Company verifies all end product chemistry by use of a Spectro-Max X analyzer and incorporates the data into a customer friendly efficient reporting system to quantify the chemistry of the customer’s recovered aluminum, including both incoming and outgoing certified weights.

AL Rec maintains a strong relationship with many different trucking service providers and owner operators to offer low-cost shipping solutions to our customers for both dry van and dump trailer service.

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